Lavoire Beauty

Creative, Natural and Inexpensive DIY Beauty Solutions

About Lavoire

Lavoire specializes in the production of naturally simple but effective beauty products, make-up, treatment formulas and even the occasional gift items. We hope to create a brand that is favored by a diverse clientele, regardless of personal requirements and taste.

Here, you will find:

– tips for a healthy mind, body and spirit . . . focusing on the importance of (natural) inner and outer beauty

– recipes for some of our creative, easy-to-make, pocket friendly, DIY and sometimes even edible products

– and lots, lots, more!

We hope that you’ll love our blog as much as we’ll love creating and putting it all out there for you!

Lastly, remember . . . LOVE yourself with much humility, for genuine and modest love of oneself creates a plethora of inner HAPPINESS . . . and those who are truly happy and genuine are the most BEAUTIFUL inside and out.


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2 comments on “About Lavoire

  1. glamourousagelessbeauty
    October 7, 2013

    Thank you so much for following my blog! Your blog looks grat and I am following you now too.

    • Lavoire Beauty Co.
      October 7, 2013

      @Glamourousagelessbeauty: Thanks for following. Your blog is great too. Can’t wait to read your new posts!

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